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The Girl Who Cried Wolf

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

She's a sensitive girl, an emotional twirl.

She cries during books and movies, even when people thought Nick had cooties...

Mother and Father would calm her down,

until she was in third grade and looked like a clown. They say she cried too much for a girl her age

but she only thought "how could you not cry, when someone you love dies of old age?"

But soon she became a nuisance; people thought she cried like some peasant.

People may think the words 'freak' and 'crybaby' were just things to say, but they were like bullets

through the heart for her, made her cry even more and think "if it’s true, what is there to say.."

But if one day comes and she’s really in pain, they'll just walk by thinking a book is

to blame. "I’m in pain...please help me..." she whispers as she cries, but they just keep on walking


And so she sits in the corner, long ago gave up, tears dried up, as time takes over and alone she slowly dies...

When they finally found her, alone in the corner, there was a note with forgotten tears all over...

"Sticks and stones may break my bones...

...and words would always hurt me...

...but I never knew the day would come...

...when the bird's song would start to burn me..."


Sweet Little Dolls

Sweet Little Dolls