In the beginning of time there were three gods.

The Goddess of Darkness was the oldest and wisest, her hair was so dark and long it seemed as if it never ended. Her skin was pale but she had the soft glow of the moon inside of her...

A Wolf's Escape Part I

Bridget "Vixen" La Roux was an outcast. "A nerd with no destination, no future." People would say. She is hated by her abusive step-father for being another man's child from her mom's "rouge days" - her real father, and mother's mate went missing when she was younger, and later announced dead - and is only loved by her mom, and her wolf.

The Incident

My family was once whole, - I use the term whole very loosely. I can remember everything about that day. I was in sixth grade, when everything happened, the day started like any other day. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary  happening, there wasn’t a smell in the air,  I didn’t see any black cats, nor were my spidey senses tingling. It was just another day; however, it did not end like any other day.


A Collection of Thoughts

We're slipping off the world that we all knew. We're whispering adieu. Poison seeps out of my tongue, curls around you like a python. The emerald of my eyes. All this injustice but I'm breathing. You can't see it but inside my heart is pulsing. 

I saw God today...

 saw God today. I looked in the mirror. Looked at all the scars on my thighs and wrists and I saw pure divinity. How could anything be more holy than letting everything inside, out? Releasing the demons in hopes that God will be on your side and fighting.