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Welcome to my Rebirth

Reaching towards a new birth

Captivated by the world around

Shining light to the empty crevasses

Forgetting why I ever drowned

This is the me searching to find my way

This is the me looking forward to the new day

Stars twinkling around till the night sky is white

Blinding by the images of dreams taking new flight

Power to the new me who never escapes the dream

That when the time is right, the wings shall carry me free

This is the me who's been reborn anew

Carry me to the skies where everywhere is blue

My rebirth of true is the dreams come true

Follow me to the gates where my wonderland awaits

And see the rebirth of the paradise where the stories never to fail get you to their page.

Ride THE Coast of My fantasy, never to get rid of their destiny-

Come along for a trip with the narrow virgin ships

Welcome to my rebirth


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