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I Didn’t Know This Was How Poets Were Born

I Didn’t Know This Was How Poets Were Born

I see snapshots of war in your eyes.

I think that maybe,

you started dreading the silence –

You hated the way it offered hope

and demanded, the last minute,

that you give it back.

So you watch the light spill

through your green curtains

that used to dance with the wind.

You see how it’s been torn

so you close your eyes, thinking,

maybe the world is better off

with you swallowing the lumps

that formed in your throat.

But sigh out loud,

look out your window and wait –

and remember that

even the night, so adorned by sparkling jewels,

always waited for the light.

Sigh out loud and remember

that even the sky cried out its anguish,

demanding the world to witness its pain.

You do not have to be silent.

But if you do not wish to move your lips to speak,

Remember –

your demons know how to swim through your tears

but you can drown them with ink.



Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect