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Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect

Who I was,

made who I am.

Who I am,

makes who I will be,

Life is just cause and effect.


Once upon a time,

I was a child:

Naïve and full of aspirations.

In my head,

I could be whatever I wanted,

have anything I wanted.


Having yet to realize,

just how cruel the world could be.

PhD, Lawyer’s degree,

Everything seemed like child’s play.

I was small then,

yet everything seemed within my reach.


Once upon a time,

I was hostage of my own mind:

Shackled by my insecurities, traumas, and surroundings,

The jury inside my mind determined I was guilty,

Of what crime I don’t know,

The judge sentenced me to depression.


Faking smiles as years went by,

trying to ignore the voices instead of my head,

not one person realized.

But everyone has a breaking point,

thus my dam broke,

thus I drowned.


Today, I am a wanderer

free from the chains that trapped me,

but still as lost as ever.

Unsure of where to go,

where I belong,

my destination is undecided.


I’m on a quest,

to find the missing pieces of my map.

Remnants of my past continue to linger;

one cannot simply forgive and forget.

They say time heals all wounds,

And time is all I can afford.


Today, I am a teenager.

disillusioned with the world.

Fully aware of the brutality

that is reality.

As capable as any adult

but still treated as child.


Insecurities continue to plague my mind,

doubts continue to blur my future.

I’m stronger than I was,

wiser than I was.

I’m bigger now,

yet nothing seems to be within my reach.


What I do today,

affects what my world tomorrow.

I’m no longer who I was,

but I’m looking forward to who I will be.

Life is just cause and effect.

I Didn’t Know This Was How Poets Were Born

I Didn’t Know This Was How Poets Were Born

Rain: Blurred, but so Revealing.

Rain: Blurred, but so Revealing.