The most accessible translator service in the world allows Narratio contributors to submit work in their own voice!


Narratio has built a new bridge with Tarjimly, strengthening both our missions of amplifying the stories of displaced communities. With Tarjimly’s help, Narratio can now introduce beauty regardless of the language our young contributors create through.

All of Narratio’s published work and worldwide Storytelling workshops now have the support of Tarjimly’s 10,000 translators so each young person can share their story, art, and other expressions in their own voice, regardless of language.

Watch the video to watch exactly how it works!



Storytelling workshops

Founder Ahmed Badr discovered by sharing his story of leaving his home in Iraq, he attained the power of “dispelling stereotypes and changing negative attitudes”. Ahmed then began workshops as a way to help others find their voice and project it through creative expression. From this cornerstone, Narratio’s storytelling workshops have encountered youth, displaced or otherwise, from several countries speaking multiple languages.

Tarjimly now allows participants to be fully immersed in the workshop’s lessons, build stories in their own voice and share their creations unrestrained by language.


Narratio’s workshops are run in community centers, refugee camps, and universities


Narratio has published content from over 17 countries across three continents, and multiple languages

Introducing beauty

Narratio is excited to display submissions across its categories in their original language as well as translated to be absorbed by a larger audience.

Contributors can submit Art, Narratives, Poetry, Interviews and Film/Photography and know it will be shared in their own voice.


Translation at your fingertips

The Tarjimly mobile app allows the world’s 3 billion bilinguals to volunteer their language skills as translators and interpreters for the 25 million refugees globally. Today, it is the most accessible translator service in the world.

Tarjimly means "translate for me" and its mission is to improve the lives of refugees and efficiency of humanitarian services by eliminating language barriers. Tarjimly believes:


1. Human beings deserve the dignity of language access

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2. Humanitarian services should not be denied due to language barriers


3. Technology needs to work with communities to build trust

Tarjimly has changed how Narratio can share the stories of the resiliant and charasmatic youth we encounter. In turn, we want to help share their story of how they’ve become a vital service for so many people around the world.