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"Hello!" I yell in this empty room.

The sound of my voice reverberates from the walls.

I remember a time when I wasn't so alone. When this room was so full that I couldn't hear myself think. A time when life was moving so quickly that I couldn't stop to imagine how alone I would eventually be.

I should've slowed down.

Now, every night I find myself lying in this empty room with nothing but my thoughts running rampantly.

There is no way I can stop this.

I never thought I'd miss the anxiety attacks from being around too many people.

I haven't truly seen a person in months.

I never thought I'd miss social interaction, just like some thought they'd never miss Nixon.

Maybe everything wasn't as bad as I thought.

Maybe I did this to myself.

Maybe I can change this, or maybe this isn't even happening.

Healthy and Consistently on a Journey

Healthy and Consistently on a Journey

Sweet Little Dolls

Sweet Little Dolls