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It's not about proving others wrong, it's about proving myself right.

I am the vehicle for my own journey and I have the ability to travel wherever I like.

I am the vehicle for all that is good and all that is bad in this world and I have the ability to be whoever I want. 

Life and happiness is a way of travel, not the destination. 

Today I have the ability to shape my own world.

Today I will light fire to my soul.  

Today I am the master of my own life.

Today I am alive. 

 My mind is the brush with which I paint reality and I dream in colours that don't even exist.

I dream so I can become.

A dream is the basis of reality, our mind is the powerhouse of our own life.

If you don't believe in an opportunity the possibility will never exist.

If you don't believe in yourself opportunities will seemingly never present themselves. 

Isn't it wonderful to look at your life for all that is and you for all that you are and know this all stemmed from a single dream, from a single thought.

And how wonderful it is to think from a single seed may a garden grow. 

But you must nurture what you want to grow.

You are the powerhouse of your own light.

This is also means you are its lone guard, it's custodian.

Do not welcome negativity in to the depths of your own home.

Do not watch as those who attempt to bring you down storm your gates.

A lot of things are intended to hurt us in this life, to bring us down.

But you have the power not to turn this pain into a knife and cut yourself.

Cherish the one body, the one mind you have to live with, fight with, grow with.

Don't just guard it, fight for it, build it.

And above all, honour it.

Honour the one life you have to fight for, honour the one body you have to build with, honour the one mind you have to grow with. 

So dream dangerously. Dream outside what is 'real'. Dream up a life for yourself and have the courage to live it. Dream so you can prove your dreams right. 




The Dead Don't Care

The Dead Don't Care