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Tragically Beautiful

Tragically Beautiful

It wound slowly like broken record. The words revolved around the song. The streetlights flickered. Those lights on the pavement shone a raspy serenade.

I stood laughing like an idiot. But I was broken inside. You smiled at me. Yet you knew nothing at all. The whole thing was so familiar,

Like the smell of our city street after rain falls,

the rythmic patter of the storm against a cool glass window,

or a big old sweater that could consume you like this void from within.

My eyes stung, my heart ached. My cheeks were wet with realization. Realization that it would end soon. That the tape would sputter to a stop. The street would end. And mourning would come.

Yet somehow.

The whole thing was tragically beautiful.

Just like you.

            And just like me.

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