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In the beginning of time there were three gods.

The Goddess of Darkness was the oldest and wisest, her hair was so dark and long it seemed as if it never ended. Her skin was pale but she had the soft glow of the moon inside of her.  She was gentle and sweet, but had a cool and mysterious demeanor, no one knew what she was thinking or what she would do next.

The Goddess of Light was created not long after. She had a child-like heart and radiated with love. She was ambitious and brave, in result she always had a craving for adventure. She only spoke the truth for her heart was too pure to deceit anyone. Her hair was short, and of course, the color of the sun, with the base of the brightest yellow and red undertones. She never minded sharing the sky with her sister, they had a bond and a love that one can only pray to have with a sibling.

The God of Life, or as he would prefer The Fire of Life. His temper was never the best, but he had a passion that burned for all eternity. He likes to take credit for creating the humans, but many like to believe that it took all three gods. He was strapping and handsome, with caramel skin and golden hair that shimmered at every turn. His specialty was his eyes. They were red in the center and faded into yellow in the corners. When he looked into one’s eyes he can see their hearts deepest desires. It would be up to him to see if that desire came true.

It was rumored that the three kingdoms were fashioned in their image and the ruling families were direct descendants of the gods. The gods created the families out of pure intentions and love.

    Darkness’s first child was a man named Ortho. Light’s child was woman named Belle. Life’s child was also a woman named Celine. The children grew up together and cared for each other equally. Until one day, Ortho declared his love for Celine. Celine in shock said she would give him an answer the next day.

Belle grew extremely jealous for she had loved Ortho since they were children, so she went to her mother. Belle claimed that she felt pity for Ortho so she asked for a love potion to give to Celine. The Goddess of Light, not knowing the intentions of her daughter, gave her the potion. Belle gave the potion to Ortho and kissed him making it so that he fell in love with her.

Celine on her way to accept Ortho’s love saw the two together. Out of despair and grief she took her own life.

When the God of Life found out what happened to his beloved daughter he summoned Belle before him. He looked into her heart and discovered what she had done. Out of pure rage he set her aflame and killed her.

Ortho was released from his trance and realized what has happened. He begged to his mother, Darkness, to put him in the sky so he could be next to Celine forever. Although is caused the goddess great pain, she granted her only son’s request.

From then on, the gods vowed to never interfere in the affairs of their children ever again.


The kingdoms were divided into three major parts.

The Kingdom of Terebris was where all the scholars and inventors were from. Their trade consisted of blueprints of the inventions and the inventions themselves. They also had the top universities in all the realm.

The king and queen were proper and well respected. They preferred to negotiate treaties than go into war. Where in negotiation they can outsmart the opponent where in open battle they did not feel as confident.

The royal family were King Ramon and Queen Analise with their daughter Princess Marceline. Their sigil was a woman carrying the moon in her palms.

The Kingdom of Lux was filled with never ending adventure and ambition.  They had the best warriors in the world. They led voyages across unknown seas, ventured into dangerous lands no one dared to enter, and they found any reason to host a tournament.

It’s so they can show off their strengths and skills. Going into open battle with them meant immediate defeat for they would never give up. They would always find a way to win.   

The royal family was Queen Tatianna and her two children, Prince Markoz II and Princess Adamarie. Their sigil was the sun in the middle of children playing.

The Kingdom of Ignis birthed artist ranging from music, to theater, to art, to literature. The passion to entertain flows through the city as blood flows through the body. Nobles from all around came to witness the beauty surrounding the kingdom. Festivals happened every so often it was a never ending carnival.

Their trade consisted of selling their art whether it would be paintings or the entertainment of theater. Paintings from the kingdom even decorated the castles of the other two kingdoms.

The royal family were King Ricardo and Queen Isabella with their twin sons Prince Mundo and Prince Alfredo. Their sigil was a man emerging from the flames.

The kingdoms recognized each other and the importance they held. They treated each other with respect and honor. They knew if it was any different it would anger the gods. They married within their kingdoms so they could keep the bloodline within the gods. They ruled side by side peacefully.





    The kingdom of Lux was hosting a tournament for the 18th birthday and coronation of Prince Markoz II.

Being a royal’s festivity the other two major royal families were invited as honored guest. The families rarely ever met and if they did it was only the kings and queens.

The family Terebris entered with such grace and prestige. They wore their colors of dark blue and silver. The queen’s dress was flowy and soft with little diamonds embroidered in the silver veils, her crown was all around silver with one navy blue diamond in the center. The king wore mostly dark blue but it had random designs of silver down his cape, his crown was the opposite of the queens, it had dark blue sapphires and a diamond in the middle. The princess wore a simple silver dress with small dark blue designs and her tiara was simple.

Princess Marceline was clearly bothered as they were being escorted into the throne room.

“What is the matter my sweet one?” Asked the queen as she took notice of her daughter’s mood.

“I don’t understand why I have to attend such a barbaric event where men purposely get injured for entertainment. I don’t even know the prince, so why should I have to attend? I could be reading or studying with the masters of science or learning new techniques with the healers, not here wasting my time.” Argued Marceline in a hushed tone.

“One day you will be queen and have to attend events such as these to show respect for the hosting family. Also you must remember you will be alongside this prince and whichever one of the twins the Ignis family chooses it would be wise to not offend either one of them. Not attending especially when invited as honored guest would be a great insult. We are only here until after his coronation, it would be no more than a week, I promise. “

Marceline has heard the prince was a serious man. Rumor has it he never smiled, but in a way she understood. Losing his father the way he did would turn any heart cold.

The Terebris family entered the throne room to be welcomed properly. Marceline was captivated.

Pillars that could have been a hundred feet tall were lined with gold. The windows were stretched from floor to ceiling so the sunlight poured into the room reflecting of the gold treasures and décor. Everything sparkled. The one of the treasures on the wall were dragon skulls engraved with golden patterns.

Legend has it each kingdom had their own dragon but when the kingdoms were on the brink of war the gods intervened. The gods knew if the kingdoms went into war with the dragons the world would be left in ruins. So the gods vanquished all the dragons.

The legends and folktales always fascinated Marceline. The princess took notice of the throne itself and she felt her mouth open in awe. The white marble was artistically decorated with golden vines. On top of the throne the white marble stopped and a golden sun started. Within the sun cravings of flowers and leaves, the flowers started in the center and stretched out into each sun ray.

Seated on the throne was Queen Tatianna, to her right was Prince Markoz II in his golden armor with the family sigil on his chest, and to the queen’s left was Princess Adamarie smiling polity. Others had said the Lux family had a beauty that radiated beyond words. Marceline was not impressed for she believed true beauty was in intelligence not physical appearance.

“Welcome to my home!” Queen Tatianna spoke with such excitement and happiness. King Ramon and Queen Analise stepped forward and greeted Queen Tatianna.

“Beautiful as always, I am not entirely sure you have met our daughter Princess Marceline. “ King Ramon said while giving Marceline a gentle push towards the queen.

“No I have not had the pleasure, but your parents speak so often of you. I feel like I know everything about you.” The queen let out a gentle laugh.

Marceline bowed to show her respects.

“The pleasure is all mine your grace.”

“Oh what a sweet polite girl but no need for formalities here. Be as comfortable as you desire. Adamarie may you please show Marceline the gardens”

“Oh yes mother!” Adamarie skipped towards Marceline and dragged her away.

Throughout the whole encounter the prince’s gaze never faulted from Marceline. His emerald colored eyes gave her the chills but were calming at the same time. Marceline was so deep in thought she was not noticing where the princess was taking her.  

“Um, princess, where are you taking me?”

“To a secret part of the garden” She whispered.

“May I ask why?”

“I will explain once we get there.”

Adamarie hauled Marceline through twist and turns, through bushes and trees. Finally they arrived at a small door between two hedges. Adamarie looked around to make sure no one was around and rushed through the door.

“Come quickly before someone sees!” rushed Adamarie.

Marceline entered this secret place. It was a good size space, it have a brick flooring in a round shape. It had a table with some books and a pillowed bench. It seemed rather peaceful with the soft lighting of the sky. It was far enough you could barely hear the tournament.

“Are you going to tell me why we’re here now?” Marceline was now frustrated but more at the fact that she did not know what was going on or what to expect.

“First you must swear on the honor of your family and your goddess that you will never tell a soul.” Adamarie said with a desperation.

“I swear.” Marceline was even more skeptical than before.

Adamarie turned away from Marceline.

“I’m going to take my brother’s place in the tournament. He believes that tournaments are meaningless and a waste of money but I just think he is a horrid fighter. So, every tournament we meet here to exchange, I get his armor while he waits here until the fighting is over.” Adamarie was talking really fast and very nervous. She did not know how Marceline would react but how would she explain the situation better than just telling her the truth.

Marceline was shocked yet somewhat intrigued. She did not want to offend the princess so she thought about what to say next very carefully.

“I do not expect you to understand. You are so proper and fragile, but just is not me. All of the princess lessons bores me. I want to travel across the sea or go on expeditions to unknown parts. I refuse to stay here and marry and have children. If I marry, I want to be because I want to, not because my mother told me to. I know my goddess made me for more than just that. The palace suffocates me, the tournaments are the only way I feel like I have a purpose. Every time I win the crowd cheers with such admiration it fills me with life.”

Adamaire finally looks at Marceline.

“My apologies princess I did not intend to speak my troubles.” Said Adamarie.

“Where did you learn how to fight?” Marceline asked innocently.

“Pardon me?” Adamarie asked shocked and confused.

“Where did you learn how to fight?”

“I would watch my brother as he trained and I went into the woods to train at night.”


It was at that moment that the princess created a bond. A bond of mutual respect and friendship.


“Oh dear sister look how well they are getting along!” The goddess of light with excitement as both goddess watched over the princess. As the goddess’s excitement grew the brighter she glowed.

“Yes my darling sister it seems that they have grown fairly fond of each other.” The goddess of darkness spoke with a small smile.


Not only did Marceline did not know what to say when the prince arrived but she could not stop her gaze from wandering around. The garden was beautiful with various flowers of vibrant colors, but she was also avoiding the gaze of the Prince Markoz. He seemed so serious and stern it made her uncomfortable. Marceline was seated at the small table with books. The prince was seated on the other side on the pillowed bench.

“Are you enjoying the tournament princess?” asked the prince.

“Yes your grace-“

    “Not your grace, I am still a prince until the coronation in a few days.”

    “Yes I suppose so your majesty. Are you excited for your coronation my Prince?”

“I have been assisting my mother in making decisions for the kingdom since my father passed. The only difference the coronation will make is my mother will be helping me. To answer your question princess, no, the coronation does not excite me.” The prince spoke with aggravation.

“Were you always so serious and rude or was it only after your father passed?” Marceline was irritated by the prince’s ill manners. Markoz seemed shocked and insulted.

“My apologies my prince I did not mean to offend. I must leave you my parents must be concerned about me.” Marceline stood up making her way to the door. The prince stood up faster and cornered Marceline against two bushes. Even if he appeared rigid, his eyes were a soft gold and his long lashes softly brushed them. Marceline’s heart was beating so rapidly she thought she would fall ill at any moment.

“You should look someone in the eyes when you speak to them. You have very beautiful eyes Princess Marceline of Terebris.”

He stood in front of her for a moment longer then he turned around walking deeper into the gardens.

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