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A Wolf's Escape Part I

A Wolf's Escape Part I


Bridget "Vixen" La Roux was an outcast. "A nerd with no destination, no future." People would say. She is hated by her abusive step-father for being another man's child from her mom's "rouge days" - her real father, and mother's mate went missing when she was younger, and later announced dead - and is only loved by her mom, and her wolf.

Although on the outside she wears tattered clothes, 'untameable' messed up hair, and is constantly in tears - on the inside though, Bridget knows she's different. She's an amazing artist, dancer, singer, a bit of a fighter, and her wolf is defiantly something special. (Although no one but her "dead" father and mother knows about her wolf.) Sometimes all she wants to do is runaway from life, and just let her "vixen" side take over. ...But you know what they say, "careful what you wish for..." Prince Aiden Furneaux is the next in line for all powerful, mafia like Furneaux Palace.

He is the youngest, most dangerous, and most powerful Alpha of this age. (And according to the ladies, by far the most handsome, smexy-est young lad there is.) A.K.A. He can't have some sissy as a mate. When he finds out about his little vixen, he doesn't hesitate to grant her wish of escape. So he takes her away from her personal hell-hole - dressed as a smexy ring master, and she, a lion tamer. And that was just the beginning of her journey in awakening her inner flame.


Sadly, until she actually steps out of her shell, and defends herself, he continues to be his jerk, player self and doesnt complete their mating bond. But what happens when Bridget, or Vix, learns that half the things she knew were lies? That there is actually a lot more to her, and her family, than she ever could have imagined? Whatever her past is, why are the Royal Courts of Were looking for her? And to top it off, Aiden just positively 'insists' that she put back on that revealing lion tamer costume to go with her whole "pet" title! Who's the outcast now?

Chapter One ~ I Want Out


"FOR SALE: One Heart.Horrible Condition.Will Take Anything For It. PLEASE. Just Cut It Out Of My Chest And End This Suffering."


"Wanna get anymore cliche there, Mother banana-flipping Nature?" I grumbled, walking to school that oh-so-amazing morning. No, it wasn't that bad. You know, just the same old - someone *cough* Lily *cough* messed with my clothes, leaving dusty, and smelling absolutely foul . Then, probably that same someone (again, probably Lily) thought it would be funny to put hidden alarm clocks in my go off EVERY.TWO.HOURS. Oh, and by golly, we just must NOT forget the little present of blue paint grenades set to go off when I opened the fridge that same morning. And then, my oh-so-lovable 'step-daddy' decided to pick that exact moment to walk in! Gee, I wonder who gave him the heads up?

So, to summarize my morning : I'm sleepy, wearing dirty, stinky, blue splattered clothes(though I admit the blue looks pretty cool on my plain black vans....), have even MORE new bruises on my back, and cheek (sheesh... the old fart probably was mad about his hangover, and took it out on me...), AND I just got a new hole in my Goodwill backpack!

Oh yeah.... and it JUST started raining. As in pouring down, leave no ant alive!, raining... So you can just imagine my walk to school was absolutely lovely.(If you didn't hear the sarcasm this whole time, you might want to get yourself checked. You may have a screw to many lose up there.)

Oh lookie! And there goes Lily in her 'cute' little pink saw that little glint, and smirk in her eye... what's she up to....?

"Hey 'big sis'!" She said pulling up beside me. I could hear her little possy in the back, and passenger seats, giggling. (Though really, it sounded like a bunch of choking chihuahuas....)

I didn't comment. I knew the act wouldn't last long.

"Heeelloo...fine, did you like your little present this morning?" She sneered. Told ya.

Again, I didn't comment. I just kept walking, knowing she would get bored, and drive away. But Princess Lily always suprises you. "Look, hobo,( I hope a homeless person haunts her for the rest of her life...) I just wanted to tell you that your sorry excuse of a mom won't be at home after school. She has to stay over-time at work. So it's just you, me, and daddy." I could hear the grin in her face.

She might as well have shot me. After school. With Lily and my step-father. Unprotected. When I whipped my head around, I could practically see myself through Lily's blue contacts. Dirty, wet, and with a new bruise forming on my cheek. Pathetic, like a scared rabbit('cuz in Lily's mind, I'm to ugly to be considered a cute bunny), and NOT like the she-wolf I was.

"Wha-," she didn't let me finish. She just smirked, and(I REALLY should've saw this coming...) sped off, but positioned her car to where I was splashed in a HUGE spray-more like wave- of water.

I felt, more than heard, my wolf growl within me. 'I'll kill her one of these days. I don't care who gets in my way...if it's that mofo of a step- father, I'll gladly chop off his sorry excuse of a manhood, before I rip her to shreds.'

For once, I didn't correct, or scold her,for thinking such cruel thoughts. For once, we were on the same page in terms of hate. As I began to walk to school again, it took everything in me not to just shift right there, and run. Just run. It didn't matter where to, I just wanted out.


School sucked. It didn't take a genius to figure that one out. People literally avoided me like the plague the moment I stepped through the door. Teasing, and cruel remarks matched the weather outside. Strong, powerful, and never-ending. Teachers accepted my A+ homework, and assignments with a look of disgust, and a shake of their head. During lunch hour, when I was on my way to the library (my safe haven), I overheard the human teachers talk about how "smart" I was, but that I'll get no where in life if I don't even try to make an effort in my hygiene, and appearance. I began to walk faster after that, feeling my eyes burn, but no tears come out. "Yeah, like I actually WANT to be like this..."

After that little incident, I couldn't wait for school to just end, and I could escape to the lonely sidewalks, no matter the rain.

When school did end, and I did manage to get home an hour later, I ran to my bedroom, grabbed my little backpack I always have on hand, and ran back outside to the forest behind the house. When I found my secret meadow, I went to the little cave, and for the first time that day, relaxed. And because no one was around, and I could, I did what I've been holding back from doing since my dad went missing.

I cried.

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