Narratio is a global platform for youth empowerment through creative expression, publishing content from over 17 countries across three continents. 

Workshop Overview

Workshop Overview

Our workshops are led by founder, Ahmed M. Badr, and focus on the concept of empowerment through creative expression. As a former refugee himself, Ahmed firmly believes in the power of storytelling and is committed to helping others find their voice.

Photo by: Khoa Truong

Photo by: Khoa Truong

Supplementing these workshops are issues of the Narratio booklet which include compiled works of several of Narratio's writers and artists, stretching from the USA to India.

During the workshop, participants engage in several storytelling exercises and are encouraged to submit their work to this site.

In order to show some of what these workshops accomplish, we have published some of the creative responses that were generated after participants completed an exercise that entailed filling out an Empowerment Template that stated: "Yesterday I was ____. Today I am ____. Tomorrow I will be ____".

Some of the answers were silly and some were insightful. Undoubtedly, all were empowering.

Where We've Been:

Houston, Texas

Trinidad & Tobago

Syracuse, New York

New Haven, Connecticut

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Where We're Going:

To You!

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Houston, TX

Houston, TX