In life, the relationships between people are influence by culture. Cultures were born together with the journey of human life, growing increasingly diverse with human encounter through people who came from across the seas. Various cultures met and grew, giving a new understanding and a new perspective on people who have differing cultures. It is very interesting to look at and try to understand that cultural diversity.

But interestingly, some things can have a common understanding that embraces humanity, despite the associated socio-cultural differences which may be striking. Cultures that seem different but have underlying similarities  can be interesting, funny or even mysterious. An example is a culture that is trying to dispose of the bad luck that is associated with knocking on wood. This culture may respond by saying "Knock it off" so the bad luck cannot be real. Or conditions when one is asleep and tries to wake up only to realize that the body cannot be moved. In scientific terms this is called sleep Paralysis. In some countries,  people believe that we cannot move because something sits in our chest while we are sleeping. 

In life, the relationships between people are influenced by culture.
— Agung Yudha, Dread Team Bali

Dread Team  creates special films that reveal stories across genres of horror, thriller, and fantasy. This Balinese group made several films based on several myths and cultures that developed in the community. From Dread Team we can conclude one thing: there is a common thread connecting cultural differences .  The common thread is mystery.

Agung Yudha is a filmmaker and a member of Dread Team Bali. He wrote this short article to shed light upon the connections between film and culture.

"TOK...TOK...TOK..." is one of several Dread Team  films that seeks to exemplify the elements discussed by Agung Yudha. 

To learn more about Dread Team, you can visit their YouTube channel here.